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How to attach stockings to a suspender belt

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Every debutant libertine’s nightmare

You’re getting ready for an evening of debauchery, and he has that look in his eye that tells you that you won’t be wearing a simple dress tonight. He wants you to be seen in a corset, stockings, suspenders…the whole shebang. And whilst you have to admit that they look great and make you feel powerful, a garter belt and hold ups can be a pain to put on - and keep up!

What could go wrong?

Stockings are delicate and suspenders are fiddly. Not the perfect match they may at first seem! There’s a lot to think about: fingernails can go through stockings, they fall down easily, the little rubber attachments won’t stay attached. And I haven’t even gotten to the part about finding the right size and fit…


- You’re on the tube in your biggest oversize coat, hiding the little number you have on as best you can, and suddenly you feel the stocking that you so carefully slipped into and fastened, slide down your left leg... I'll let you imagine the level of subterfuge necessary to then go and to reattach it, safely from prying eyes! 🕵️‍♀️

Let’s face it, the first time you’re faced with putting this little number together, things can get tricky. But it doesn’t have to be every woman's worst nightmare.

What are suspenders?

Suspenders are used to secure your stockings perfectly in place. Suspenders are a belt or strip of elasticated material with two straps on either side. Once fastened around your waist the straps will generally fall down the centre of each buttock and the front middle of each thigh. 🍑 They have fastenings at each end that you need to attach to the top of your stockings to hold them in place.

When I write about stockings here, I mean the kind that don’t stay up by themselves; without the elasticised top or self-hold grip. Whilst these are also a great choice, there are two reasons I avoid them:

  1. You don’t need a suspender belt, and for me, without it, a little of the sexiness is removed from the look.

  2. Anything that needs to grip around your thighs is leaving you open to a pinched sausage look in that area. So there you have it. 😬

It’s getting easier to find our favourite item of lingerie with integrated suspenders, whether that be a body, high rise pantie, dress or micro-skirt. I love this type of item as it means I can now wear a bodysuit with suspenders and stockings. ↓

Practice makes perfect.

There is nothing more frustrating than a pair of stockings that are either too long or too short, or too wide or just not wide enough! We can’t take them in, or take them up to adjust the fit. And if they aren’t a perfect fit we are most likely going to end up uncomfortable.

📏 To choose the right size, it is essential to know both your size and weight. This is because, for tights, it’s the size/weight ratio that counts. Always refer to the size chart on the back of your hosiery packaging as a guide. If you're at the upper end of a size range, always opt for the size up for secured comfort and fit.

Hosiery that's only available in a 'one size fits most' size has been designed with exceptionally stretchy yarn to comfortably fit most body shapes.

And once you find the brand with the size that works for you - stick with it!

Finding the right size stockings

Pop on a pair of hosiery gloves when it’s time to pull up your stockings to protect them from your nails. Gather them up in your hands and pop your foot in the end. Then slowly pull them all the way up to your thigh. If you have a back seam and it’s not straight, pull the stocking back down and start again until you get it right. I, personally, have given up on getting that back seam correctly in place.

Finally, attach the stocking to the suspender belt one strap at a time. Separate the metal clip from the rubber and slip the rubber under the stocking top and the metal clip over the top of the stocking fabric. Pull the rubber piece over the metal clasp to hold. Once the stocking is between the rubber and the metal of the clasp it will in theory stay up.

Once it’s attached check the length of your straps. If they are too short they’ll pull too much on the stocking top and either come unattached, slip off or deform the shape of your stocking top. If they are too long, well the stockings will quite obviously slide down a little. 👎🏼

Pro tip: ask someone to fix your stockings at the back, this is often the moment we risk tearing it all down!

Stockings with an integrated garter belt also exist. 🥰 I love this product for its seamless and supple fit. But, I feel that they are slightly less glamorous ...

In a nutshell:

  1. Put your suspender or garter belt on

  2. Put on a pair of hosiery gloves to protect your stockings from snagging nails

  3. Prepare your stockings by gathering them from the top to the foot

  4. Pull on your stockings on from the foot up, gently

  5. Make sure your stockings are on straight, no twists and turns

  6. Attach your stockings to your suspenders with the metal and rubber clips

  7. Adjust the straps to the perfect fit

With a little preparation and practise you’ll be whipping your stockings and garter belt on and off like a pro in no time.

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