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The top 8 trends for Robes Sexy Libertine Dresses in 2023

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Sexy dresses make me think of the freedom of being able to be yourself and to express yourself freely. They remind us that we are all equal and that we have the right to live our sexuality as we want.

As a liberated woman, you probably know the desire to wear a (very) small sexy dress to show off your figure, your ravaging neckline, and your sublime legs. To feel sexy and desirable, and show your - sensual and daring side. But how to choose?

We took it upon ourselves 😅, and for you, we went through all the naughty outfits we could find. We felt them, tried them, loved them. It took us a while, but! We've identified 8 key trends for this 2023 season. ⬇️


The back is an extremely seductive attribute in a woman. Not only is it an erogenous zone, if you treat it right, and a woman arches her back to offer her buttocks, the animal that exists in a man is no longer contained.

robe sexy dentelle dos nu lacet

Split on both sides

Create a seductive look by showing off your leg line and private access from your beautiful thighs. This style is perfect for any moment... 😜

Robe fendue sur deux côtés noir bandeaux croisés

Plunging v-neck

We can find robes with plunging necklines on so many racks in stores! And a V-neck today can go from the chest to the navel (or past it even!). This trend will make your partner's imagination run wild. Get noticed with an ultra sexy outfit that will highlight your chest, neck and shoulders simultaneously.

rob rouge col v plongeant profond

Openwork mesh

We've never seen a dress this tight! Fishnet dresses that cling to your curves like stockings grasp your legs. Enhance your body with a sexy, transparent and soft creation in this style. The small bonus of an openwork dress? Its extensibility. Finally a lace that fits perfectly on any shape and body.

robe en dentelle ajourée sexy


There is nothing more erotic than a leather dress worn very close to the body. And with wetlook, or faux leather, it's even easier to find and wear this style. Wetlook is softer and thinner, making your outfit easier to put on and of course take off. Plus, there are now interesting wetlook outfits cut with lace, with sheer inserts, laces and crossbands... mmmmm 😈

Rob latex wetlook séductrice

Long, but transparent and open

Reveal your Greek goddess side with a long and transparent dress. The perfect libertine dress to show off your underwear. This sheer yet chic and elegant look is very popular this summer. The see-through trend will follow us into winter with the addition of long sleeves, for sure!

robe transparente longue fendue libertine


Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! Shine with a little sequinned dress. Pink, gold, silver, black or red, no matter the colour of your sequins, this must-have style is suitable for all your dates. There are those who will say that this style of dress is not easy to wear. Well yes, it is, and it must be worn with the confidence it deserves. In a dress like this, you are the queen of the cast.

robe courte soirée paillettes

Skirt and bra top

This year your evening outfit will be in two pieces: skirt and matching bustier. Yes, in summer 2021 the skirt and its crop top are back on top of the trends! This style of outfit breaks the silhouette and gives access directly to your soft skin. How to wear your crop-top? It is this way

jupe et crop top brassière sexy soirée

Libertine dresses: 8 trends for summer 2023

  1. Bare back

  2. Split high on both sides

  3. Plunging v-neck

  4. Openwork fishnet

  5. Wetlook

  6. Long, but transparent and open

  7. Sparkly

  8. Skirt and bralette (crop top)

And there you have it, the best styles to wear at your hot parties 🔥. Now check out the new collection of sexy dresses at Lingerie Libérée. We picked them out just for you!

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
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