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The meaning behind the colour of your lingerie

What does the colour of your lingerie say about you?

Outside of choosing nude, white or black lingerie to hide it under your outfit, have you ever consciously thought about what colour underwear you are choosing? Let’s face it, probably not! Subconsciously though - maybe you are.

Our mood can have an impact on the colour we choose for our outfit - and vice versa - the colour we choose to wear can impact how we feel.

But first thing’s first.

What does lingerie even mean?

Lingerie is a category of clothing that includes undergarments and nightwear. Unlike pyjamas, lingerie is designed to be visually appealing to both the wearer and her audience. The term originate from the French word "linge," meaning linen. Lingerie can range from simple cotton bras and panties to more decorative and revealing items like silk robes, corsets, and babydolls.

But for me there is a difference between “underwear” which portrays a functional garment that we wear under our clothes, that we absolutely do not “mets en avant” and that does not give us an emotional bonus. Whereas a Lingerie wearer has a connotation of style, glamour, and just a little bit of coquinerie.

The meaning behind the colour of your lingerie

We wear lingerie instead of just plain underwear for many reasons: to feel good, to boost our confidence, to feel sexy, to get ready to seduce a partner (or more 😉), to look our best at night … But just what colour lingerie we choose to wear can say a lot about our mood and objectives. For example:

Green lingerie

Often worn on new year’s eve, green lingerie symbolizes good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Green promotes also calmness and can help you feel more relaxed and grounded.

Yellow lingerie

You are an attention-getter, you are optimistic and oh so happy. A day in yellow lingerie is a quick and easy way to bring up your mood. his color is often associated with happiness, optimism, and sunshine and can help boost your mood.

Blue lingerie

In blue undergarments, you are looking for something stable and calm. Wearing blue lingerie brings you peace and tranquility and even helps your body to produce calming chemicals. Wearing blue, especially sky blue, can help you feel more centred and focused.

Red lingerie

Do you have a lot of red lingerie? Red is the color of love, sex and seduction and you are particularly passionate, energetic and driven. Wearing red lingerie makes you feel confident and sexy and your go to choice for special occasions. 🔥

Leopard print lingerie

Stand out and feel like a goddess in leopard print lingerie. Leopard print in clothing means independence, confidence, sexuality and non-conformity. Need I say more?

Black lingerie

Powerful but sultry, black lingerie is synonymous with sophistication and strength. This colour communicates a message of desire to a partner and can be extremely sexy. Which is why it is the most popular colour at parties and evenings. It also makes you appeal slimmer, gives you confidence and sets the mood for intense passion.

White lingerie

Wearing white underwear makes you seem innocent, but open to suggestion. Which totally explains why some men have a thing for a small white lacy ensemble.

White is a great way to set the scene for an evening role play where you make him think he is going to conquer your innocence. It’s a simple colour that does not overpower the individual or unsettle your partner. I feel my most elegant and beautiful when wearing white.

Nude lingerie

When we pick nude coloured underwear we may be thinking that we don’t want it to show through our clothes. However this colour lingerie is more specifically associated with a relaxed mood where you are clearly making the statement that you have nothing to hide.

Pink lingerie

If you’re in the mood for pink you are probably looking for romance and are in need of affection. A hot pink color is associated with sexiness and arouses a feeling of tenderness, while pale pink is softer and more appropriate for a new relationship as it will help balance your energies and promote peacefulness.

Purple lingerie

If you’re feeling curious and yet powerful, you may find yourself enthralled with the idea of a purple sexy underwear set. Wearing purple can help you feel more imaginative and intuitive.

Purple is calming and peaceful and produces the feeling of trust and security. When you want to feel sexy, seductive and flirtatious, you should always go for the darker, deeper shades. However, a lighter lilac shade gives off the feeling of strength, peace and wisdom.

Orange lingerie

The colour orange represents stimulation and enthusiasm. It is said to increase the oxygen supply to the brain stimulating activity and producing an energizing effect. Wearing orange can help you feel more playful and adventurous.

While colour can influence your mood, it can also make a statement about what kind of mood you are in. Depending on the type of fun and games you have in mind, you may find you choose a lingerie colour that matches your plans, and well your match.

All this said, it's important to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, otherwise you just won’t pull off the look, style or impression you are trying to give.

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